How to add Pro-Add-on service to your Astrill VPN account

Koben Chou -

ProAddon brings better security with 2-layer encryption. Supports Fast mode - allows speed on your router from 20 mbit/sec or more.

Standard OpenVPN solution is limited to about 8-10 mbit because of slow CPU in your router. Works even in countries with high censorship, like China.


With ProAddon, you will be able to secure your VPN connection more stable, and get the speed faster as well.


If you do not have ProAddon in your Astirll account, please follow the steps get it ready to use in the VPN router. 


1. Login to


2. in the overview tab, find ProAddon service in the extra options, click Buy now to

purchase this service, which will cost you 5 USD / month, you may choose wisely based on your currently Astrill plan.

3. Login the router control panel, or the page of the VPN router we used to bookmark,

login username: admin, password : admin

4. Locate the Astrill VPN from the left sidebar, and disconnect the current connection.

5. Click About > Reinstall , this will take around 30 seconds to reload, the VPN service from the Astrill website, if takes too long, please refresh the whole webpage.

6. Go back to VPN tab , choose the server you like to use,  for US servers, we recommend China Optimized 1-3, and Dallas 1, Salt Lake city.

Make sure in the protocol, change to RouterPro VPN UDP, which is a must if you want have your VPN connection getting more stable in China.

Check the Enable Accelerator and Start Automatically. Then Click Connect, this will take around 20-30 seconds to reconnect. 


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