How to Check your internet speed / China Telecom VIP service

Koben Chou -

I think everyone is curious about the internet speed you get is what you paid.

TEK-Shanghai will show you how:

Before we start, you need to understand few things:

1. The internet speed we call in Mbps, means Mega bit per second = 1/8 of  MB/s, which is the download speed we call all the time.

If you see you download speed around 1200KB/ or 1 MB/s , means you have the speed of internet 10Mbps. 


2. The download speed you tested in based on the connection between your house router to the China Telecom server, which has very few network node (Wiki) in between.

When you try to access an international site, there will be at least 10 nodes in between, and also you are going through the firewall in China, so the real speed you feel is much slower than the internet speed you applied in China.

Thats why you need the China Telecom VIP Service (Available in Shanghai only)as well as the VPN programs (Like Astrill, Strong VPN).


Begin the TEST:


1. Open the site: ,and click the Start in red circle.


2. Choose the connection type, the one on the left is wired in to computer, 2nd one on the right is wireless connection to your computer, then click OK. 






3. The test will last around 10 seconds, you will be able to see your download speed, and the little red character means China Telecom service is being applied to your Internet line, otherwise your line does not have the China Telecom service.  

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