TEK-Link VPN Router Trouble-Shooting (TEK-VPN)

Koben Chou -

If you can not use the VPN wifi access anything, nor login the Astrill page to change the server, please follow the steps below 

1. Make sure the router is powered on, the internet cable is connected to the blue port on the back of the VPN router, and check the wireless light, and the WAN light (look like a little Earth or Round icon) is on,

if not please check the connection of the cable whether is plug in well to the blue port on the VPN router.

2. Connect to theTEK-link VPN wifi (as default name, or the name changed the one your preferred)

3. Open the web browser,  find the VPN bookmark you saved in the browser,  or Click here: to enter the Router setup page.

 then you need type in the user name: admin, password: admin


In the main page, you will be able to see the connection status, make sure the WAN icon is in black color (which means its connected),  and which also you will get the IP Address and the Status shows Connected.

  • If this page shows you are disconnected or theres no IP address, try check the connection between the router and the wall, and try unplug the router. If this does not help, check the incoming line (Which maybe another house router, or the China Telecom router, even could be the line).


  • You can test that by connect your computer directly to the cable, which is being plugged to the blue port on the router, if you can not go online via this cable, which means you may need report the incoming line problem to the Chine Telecom or the Property management office.



There will be 2 kind where the VPN is not working. 

A . The connection is Lost 

Find VPN Tunneling > PPTP Client   

This page is indicate the VPN account and VPN connection status. 


1. If you can not go website like Google and youtube, you can try to click Stop Now, in the pop out window, click yes, which means you try to stop the current connection. 

2. Then click Start Now, to reconnect the VPN, ignore the warning of unsaved changed will be lost.

If you still see the button shows Stop Now, try again till you see the Start Now button.


B. The Server is slow

If reconnect will not help, you may need to change the server.

1. Please make sure the VPN is disconnected which PPTP Client page connection status shows Start Now.

2. Choose the Server number  from the following list, copy and paste the different one to the Server Address Field, click Save, and then click Start Now, until the button change the Stop Now.



USA -1


Unite Kingdom






The VPN connection should come back.

Otherwise contact us @ support@tekshanghai.com  or call us @ our office hour 021-50807398.

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