TEK-Link VPN Router Setup Guide (Purchased with TEK VPN account)

Koben Chou -

Thank you for purchasing the TEK-Link VPN router, please follow the steps below set it up.

If you have any questions of any steps, please contact us at 021-50807398 or email us at support@tekshanghai.com.

Step 1  Connect the router

  • To begin, install the antennas first, then take the Ethernet cable supplied with the TEK-Link router and attach one end to the Internet port (blue port) on your VPN router.
  • Attach the opposite end of the ethernet cable to an open LAN port on your existing Wifi router or the wall internet port.
  • Plug in the power supply.


Step 2,  Connect the wifi and ready to go.

  1. Use your computer or mobile device to search available Wifi connections named TEK-Link, (or TEK-Link-5G if you bought the N66 or AC68)
  2. When connecting to the TEK-Link wifi connection you will be prompted for a password. Use default password breakonthrough  to connect.

As long as the wifi is connected, you can surf the web without limitation. 

If you still having issue with connecting to the internet, please click here to read our trouble shooting page.

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