Why do you need to use StealthVPN add-on service for you Astrill VPN account?

Koben Chou -

As a response to Great Firewall of China VPN blocking events, Astrill create a new VPN protocol that is not detectable as VPN protocol and which works in China. 

StealthVPN and RouterPro VPN is our customized version of regular OpenVPN, and is the solution which works in China.

StealthVPN add-on is for computers only (Windows, Mac OSX),

and RouterPro VPN add-on is for VPN Routers only.

While both StealthVPN and RouterPro VPN protocols were originally designed for China users, anyone can use this protocols as means to prevent your ISP (China Telecom) Throttling Your Internet Connection.

If you realize  you CAN NOT get into your Gmail or some website can open and some cannot, its time to apply the SealthVPN add-on service.

Standard price for StealthVPN add-on is $2/month and $5/month for RouterPro VPN add-on.

>Apply Stelth VPN  from here

>Apply RouterPro VPN from here.

*** Make sure b4 you apply that, you need turn the VPN off.

After you sign your account up with the Stealth service, you need to

  1. log out the Astrill program on your computer, and login,
  2. choose StealthVPN from the top window
  3. choose the server you wish to connect
  4. turn the VPN on

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