TEK-Link VPN Route trouble shooting - (Merlin) PPTP Server

Paul Appleby -

If you can not use the VPN wifi access anything, nor login the Astrill page to change the server, please follow the steps below 

1. Make sure the router is powered on, the wifi light, and the WAN light (look like a little earth or round icon) is on

if not please check the connection of the cable whether is plug in well to the blue port on the VPN router.

2. Connect to the VPN wifi (the wifi name can be changed to the way you preferred during the installation, default we call it TEK-link)

3. Open the web browser,  find the VPN bookmark you saved in the browser,  or Click here: 

**If you can not login this page, or something shows up says the IP address is changed… double check your wifi is the right one, or try to reboot the router by unplug the power and plug the power back**

  •  In the new windows asking username , type in :
  •  Username: admin, Password: admin

VPN diagnistic_1

* In this page, make sure the Internet Status shows Connected, which means your VPN router is connected to the internet.

Otherwise, please connect your computer directly to the wall or China Telecom box, test the internet connection, you may need to ask help from the management office or China Telecom.

4.  Go to VPN > PPTP/L2TP Client


You will be able to find out the connection status, if its connected or disconnected.

   Disconnected                  Waiting                Connected

  • You can simply click the Disconnect button if the server still connected if you want to reconnect to a new server.
  • Or you can try click Connect button for the server you want.



# If you need to connect to more server, you can find out by going to this Astrill Server List Page, you will need to click the Add Profile button to add a new server. 

  • Make sure you will select the PPTP server from the Astrill Page.

  • When its done, click Connect for the new server you jus add.
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