Keyboard Shortcuts on Your Mac

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Shortcuts on the keyboard are always useful, it makes you work more efficiently while your typing or completing a project without the constant use of the mouse to click on the top menu.

Apple has a slightly different way to how Windows performs, so let’s learn something useful today.

To do so, you press down your keyboard’s Shift, Control, Option, and Command keys while pressing another key. Memorizing these popular Mac shortcuts save even more time.

Every program includes dozens of such keystroke shortcuts, but the following table lists the common Mac keystroke shortcuts that work in most programs.

Command key – On some Apple keyboards, this key also has an Apple () logo
Control key
Option key – “Alt” may also appear on this key
Shift key
Caps Lock – Toggles Caps Lock on or off
Fn (Function key)

For more information of keyboard shortcuts, visit Apple Shortcuts

Command Keystroke Shortcut
Copy cmd+C
Cut cmd+X
Open cmd+O
New cmd+N
Paste cmd+V
Print cmd+P
Quit cmd+Q
Save cmd+S
Select All cmd+A
Undo cmd+Z
Get information cmd+I
Switch application–cycle forward cmd+tab
Quit the running program while hold the cmd and press Q
Eject the disc/connected Hard drive cmd+E
Find any matching Spotlight attribute cmd+F
Minimize window cmd+M
Open a new tab in browser cmd+T
Move to Trash cmd+Delete
Delete from left to right fn+delete
Quick look at the file without open Space bar
Copy file to destination folder option + while dragging
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