TEK-Link VPN router – Trouble-shooting

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If you can not use the VPN wifi access anything, nor login the Astrill page to change the server, please follow the steps below 

1. Make sure the router is powered on, the wifi light, and the WAN light (look like a little earth or round icon) is on,

  • if not please check the connection of the cable whether is plug in well to the blue port on the VPN router.

2. Connect to the VPN wifi (the wifi name can be changed to the way you preferred during the installation, default we call it TEK-link).

3. Open the web browser,  find the VPN bookmark you saved in the browser,  or Click here: 

<If you can not login this page, or something shows up says the IP address is changed… double check your wifi is the right one, or try to reboot the router by unplug the power and plug the power back>

  •  In the new windows asking username , type in :
  •  Username: admin, Password: admin

VPN diagnistic_1

* In this page, make sure the Internet Status shows Connected, which means your VPN router is connected to the internet.

Otherwise, please connect your computer directly to the wall or China Telecom box, test the internet connection, you may need to ask help from the management office or China Telecom.


4. In the new page, you should be able to see the Astrill VPN on the left navigation bar.

** If you don’t see Astrill VPN on the left side, or the Astrill page does not respond, you need to reboot the router by clicking the reboot button on top or unplug the power, and wait around 3 minutes and try again.

** If it does not work, the router may lost the information of your Astrill account, you need to view this article for set up the Astrill VPN again.

(If you buy the router with the router, contact us from the number below)

** Contact us at 021- 50807398 or send us email support@tekshanghai.com

VPN diagnistic_2

  • Click the Astrill VPN, then check the status on the top right,

         Click Disconnect button if you are still connected.

  • Click Site Filter, change the setting to Tunnel only International sites(means the local site will have full speed, in the meanwhile )

VPN diagnistic_5

VPN diagnistic_6

** If you want to watch Hulu and Netflix from US, you need to choose to stay with Server in USA
** If you looking to watch BBC iPlayer, you need to choose UK
** For any other program which require you have the IP address of that country, then you need to choose that country from the VPN server list.
** Other wise, stay with server in USA is good for almost everything.

  • change the Protocol to Router VPN UDP,  and make sure you check the Enable Accelerator and Start Automatically before you click Connect. 

5.  You need to wait around 10- 15 seconds to get the server connected, you will be able to see the status on the right top of the current window.

If this takes too long, and stuck on the page says “Connecting ” please close the current page type in or click here,  if it ask you username and password, put the username: admin, password: admin.

Navigate to the Astrill VPN tab on the left side bar, and click Disconnect , and change to a new server and click Connect again. 

    • NOTE: Astrill VPN is a service open to worldwide user, so the VPN speed may getting slower as time goes by, you may need to do step 5  again for a new server connection. 

VPN router set up_2

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