The fastest Astrill VPN server of the day

Koben Chou -

Based on the feedback of all our VPN clients, the server TEK-Shanghai tested in the office is not a true representation of the VPN speed in your house or office. So unfortunately we will not be posting the speed test 'The fastest Astrill VPN server of the day' anymore.


But you can still find the right server to connect based on what you need to do online, 

The recommended servers for China are as follows:


**If you need to use US server, you can watch the American Channel like HULU or Netflix, you can try server like:

    USA-Optimised to anyone down the list of West part of USA


**If you need to stay with the UK, to watch the local channel like BBC iPlayer, you can try

    UK via Fremont or UK via Taiwan, otherwise other 5 UK servers.


**If you only need to bypass the Great firewall, you can try to use server:    

     HK1 ~ HK4 , or Taiwan

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