Change the Wireless Name and Password of Your VPN Router

Ben Winters -

TEK-Shanghai ship out our router with the default name and password, if you would like to make it your own, please follow these instructions.

1. Make sure you are in the VPN wifi. Click here to open the VPN setting page.

2. In the router setting page, you can wifi name on the top, one is TEK-Link, if you are using the N66, you can also see the one end with 5G

3. Click on the wifi name you want to change, you will see the below screen, Change the SSID (wifi name) to the name you prefer, and the WPA key (wifi password), then click Apply.

Note: If you are using the N66 or AC68 VPN router, after you change the wifi name and password, you need to connect to the wifi with the new name to change the 5GHz name.

4. Wait around 30 seconds. Then you need to search the wifi with the new name you just typed in and make sure to use your new password to join.

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