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Step 1 – Make sure the Astrill service is active

**Before you set up the Router, make sure you have an Astrill account with the ProAddon service**

ProAddon service is very important is as the Astrill use OpenVPN as the default connection type, but OpenVPN is being blocked by the government most of the time, so it's becoming quite unstable if you do not have the ProAddon Service and use it in the router.

If you are not sure, login to www.astrill.com > Members > Overview. Note: Setting up the Astrill account requires a Chinese mobile phone number to receive an Activation Code. Sometimes it takes a longer time to receive the code, you may need to click the online help to get the code sometimes.

We recommend setting up the TEK-Link router as an additional wifi point on your home network (i.e. not replacing your existing Wifi router). So you can switch from regular wireless to VPN wireless easily, you can use regular wireless to browse local website and news with fast speed, and you can easily switch TEK-Link VPN wifi to access the blocked website like Facebook or Youtube.

To begin, install the antennas first, then take the Ethernet cable supplied with the TEK-Link router and attach one end to the Internet port (blue port) on your VPN router.

Attach the opposite end of the ethernet cable to an open LAN port on your existing Wifi router or the wall internet port.

Plug in the power supply.

Step 2 – Connecting to the Router

  • Use your computer or mobile device to search available Wifi connections named TEK-Link, (or TEK-Link-5G if you bought the N66 or AC68)
  • When connecting to the TEK-Link wifi connection you will be prompted for a password. Use default password breakonthrough to connect.

Step 3 – Install Astrill VPN account in the router

Click here to access the Astrill account page

  • If you do not have an Astrill account, click sign up in the new opening page
  • Or you can simply order the VPN account with the router or just the VPN subscription.

After successful login, find Member > VPN Services > Router Set Up

In the new page, change the Firmware type to AsusWRT (Merlin), and the Router IP to, then click Install.

You will see a window like below, you need to use the your mouse to select all the code in the window which is marked in red, and copy it, we will use in the next step.

Steps for Mac

Search your Mac using Spotlight and open Terminal

Type in telnet , then click return


Type in the login admin, then password admin, click return


Paste the code we copied on the top, click return

Wait until you see "Installed successfully!" appear.

Logging into Astrill on the VPN Router

Now click here or type in the browser address bar. 

Type Username admin and Password admin in the window that opens.

(We recommend you bookmark this page after you login for future convenience.)

You can see Astrill VPN on the left sidebar.

Click Astrill VPN, then Site Filter, and change the setting to Tunnel only International sites (means the local sites will have full speed).

Go back to the VPN tab, you should see the Astrill control panel and you can choose the server you would like to use. Click here to view the fastest Astrill servers of the day.

MAKE SURE you change the Protocol to Router VPN UDP, and check the Enable Accelerator and Start Automatically before you click Connect.

It will take up to 15-20 seconds for the router and Astrill to establish the connection. When you see Connected in green color on the top right, then you are ready to go. Enjoy the wide-open Internet.

If you get stuck in the page while connecting, thats means the connection is not good, please close the current page, go to step 5 (below), and change the server.

Step 4 – Checking the speed and change the server.
After successfully connecting to the server: As Astrill VPN has many users all over the world, some servers may be very slow. To test the speed of the server, you can download the app called Speed Test from the Apple App Store.

Open the App, tap Begin Test, if the speed is above 2Mb/s or 200 KB/s, you should have a good connection to stream videos or websites, if its too slow, you need to change the server of the VPN service, please follow step 5.

Step 5 – How to change the server in the future.

If you notice that the speed is getting slower from the TEK-Link wifi, click, and put the username: admin, password: admin.
Navigate to the Astrill VPN tab on the left side bar, and click Disconnect , and change to a new server and click Connect again. Use Step 4 to check the speed.

**If you are unable to connect and require assistance – please feel free to contact us.

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