Print Wirelessly to an Older Printer via Airport

Ben Winters -

Many older type printers only allow USB connection only, but have you ever thought about upgrading it to a wireless printer?

So then you can print and scan via wireless from your Mac or Windows PC

What you need to get is Airport Express or Airport Extreme

Make sure you already set up the wireless properly, and your Mac or PC is linked to the wireless.

Connect the printer to the USB on the back of Airport, switch on the printer.

For Mac users, go to “System Preferences" find “Printer and Fax”, click “+”, and click the printer in the list you want to add, wait until the “Add” button turns from gray to black, and click “Add”

NOTE: for some type of older printer which is not in the list of Apple server, you should go to download the driver from the company's website, and then add the printer again.

For PC users:

  1. Make sure you have installed the printer drivers
  2. Download the Bonjour Print Service
  3. After you install it, you should be able to find it in the Start menu. Open the Bonjour print program and follow the screen to add the printer as a wireless device.
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