Copy Music from Your iPhone/iPad/iPod to Your Mac

Ben Winters -

Music in iTunes is designed to be synced one way, from iTunes to the iPhone. However:

If your Mac crashed and you have all your music in your iPod, how are you going to put it back?

If your friend has some nice music in his/her iPod, how can they share it?

What about if you have 2 or more Macs with the same music library?

iRip is the solution you are looking for;

Download iRip to your Mac

Connect your iPod / iPhone via USB cable

Select the music you want to sync back to the Mac

Click transfer

You can choose “copy to iTunes” – Music will show up in iTunes directly

Or “copy to folders” – music will show up in specific folderOr “sync to Mac “ everything including movie and TV shows back to computer

Then make yourself a cup of coffee and wait for it to complete.

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