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Why my internet at home is 20Mbps and even faster, I still having hard time to open international website?

Most of our internet at home is provided by China Telecom, the speed you apply for are meaning the speed from your router to the Chinese server of China Telecom. You will feel very fast when you trying to open website locate in China, like,  

When you trying to browse international site like, you are on the traffic line through the fiber going undersea cable to the rest of the world.

For most of the website abroad they do not have server locate in China, or provide any speed up service for traffic from China, so China may control anything coming in or going out, specially when the traffic coming in, to make sure everyone has the internet connection, most of traffic coming in will go through one of the 4 tunnel in the China-US Cable Networkso thats why when its close to the evening time or weekend, your internet is super slow while you try to access foreign sites.

 Why you need this service? 

You may already feel the internet is getting slower and slower everyday when you try to go online since the new year of 2015, and Google search, Gmail is even worse, even you use VPN program. 

Also when you come to the rush hour time like after school and work, weekends, when more ppl trying to go online, your internet browsing is tend to slow down a lot compare to the regular weekday time.

China Telecom VIP service (电信国际精品网 in Chinese) will put your international traffic into a different fiber tunnel compare to the rest of China, which means you will have less traffic jam in the fixed capacity  undersea fiber while theres less people are using it.  (VIP service so far only available for City Shanghai)

The cost for this service is 200RMB / month (previously was 50RMB/month), which is an add-on package of your current internet bill, you may need to apply this through your real estate agent, the office or the landlord.

To check if your Internet line has this service or not, follow this article.

Normally it will take from 24 hrs to 3 days to get the services applied into your internet line, and what you need to do is reboot the China Telecom fiber modern after you being informed the service is ready to use.

NOTE: China Telecom VIP service ≠ VPN service, so this will not unblock the sites which is being officially blocked by Chinese Gov.

Speed test result before and after the China Telecom service is being applied to the house internet line.

We can see most of the server will run in a much faster speed, which means you have a big chance get a good stable fast connection. 

(Test based on the US server, testing tool is Astrill VPN app)




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